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Silicone bra and Adhesive cloth bra

Author: Date:5/12/2011 8:50:18 AM
Both Silicone bra & Adhesive cloth bra provide free of strap and invisible. Backless, strapless push up, padded silicone bra
Push up strapless silicone bras are great for bridesmaids. with low cut or backless bridesmaids gowns.
strapless bra cups are the perfect solution for low cut bridesmaid dresses.


silicone gel bra cups increase cup size, and are a cleavage enhancer bra. silicone is the equivalent to a padded push up bra, but no straps! Throw away your push-up bra inserts, these silicone stick-on gel cups do the same job with the bra built in.

If you travel a lot or do watersports, then the Silicone bra is great because the cups do not aborb water. Go from swim suit to party dress with one bra!

The Silicone gel bra cups increase your bust size by 1 full cup. With the most natural feel. Best for travel and water sports as they do not absorb water. You can throw away your silicone bra insert pushups! These bra cups do it all.

Silicone bra is the secret of many high fashion models, Hollywood and International movie stars. Senior gals going to proms and many brides have discovered this high fashion bra secret.
Brides use silicone bra for low cut or backless wedding gowns.Brides love silicone breast enhancer, stick on bra for extremely low cut or backless wedding gowns.


If you are flat chested, AA-A cup, B or C and want cup and cleavage enhancing GET:
Padded and light as a feather and 70% lighter than the silicone Push up, padded, backless, strapless Nubra. Ultra feather lite.padded gel cups. Throw away your push up bra inserts, this bra is both push up, cup size enhancing and ultimate cleavage, yet the cups are super feather light, without the weight of silicone bra. Great cleavage from AA to C cups! Maximum cleavage bra.

Add 1 cups size: AA=A , B=C

Use over 50 times with proper care.